Bountiful Goddess

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1-7 June 2023 • GREECE • RETREAT A 7-day Temple Pilgrimage Retreat FOR WOMEN ONLY with Sacred Delfi Oracle traditions “The Lord whose oracle is at Delphi neither reveals nor conceals, but gives a sign.” ~ Heraclitus Meditation Transmissions • Vocal Activation • Earth Gridding • Sacred Rituals • Water Purification • Drum Healing • Sacred prayers

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Soul Sound Academy presents

with Marlia Coeur as your guide and vocal activator

1-7 June 2023 • GREECE • RETREAT

A 7-day Temple Pilgrimage Retreat FOR WOMEN ONLY with Sacred Delfi Oracle traditions

“The Lord whose oracle is at Delphi neither reveals nor conceals, but gives a sign.” ~ Heraclitus

Meditation Transmissions • Vocal Activation • Earth Gridding • Sacred Rituals • Water Purification • Drum Healing • Sacred prayers

Bountiful Goddess is a 7-day Temple Pilgrimage retreat with vocal activation sessions, rituals and meditation transmissions at Ancient Greek Temples of Delos island, Acropolis, Delfi, Sounio & Aegina island.

  • Discover your Archetypal Mission in Ancient Greece
  • Temple Pilgrimage on the islands & mainland
  • Vocal Activation at Temple of Isis
  • Triangular connection of Temples - Map Sacred Geometry
  • Female Leadership in Modern Oracle Women
  • Spring water purification
  • Esoteric Mysticism in Ancient Greece

Cultures have long heard wisdom in non-human voices: Apollo, god of music, medicine and knowledge, came to Delphi in the form of a dolphin. But dolphins, which fill the oceans with blipping and chirping, and whales, which mew and caw in ultramarine jazz - a true rhapsody in blue - are hunted to the edge of silence.” ~ Jay Griffiths


  • 1 June - Meeting in Mykonos island
  • 2 June - Boat to Delos island, Visit to many Temples
  • 3 June - Boat to Athens, Visit to Acropolis Temple
  • 4 June - Bus to Delfi, Visit to Museum and Temple of Apollo
  • 5 June - Bus to Sounio, Visit to Temples of Athena & Poseidon
  • 6 June - Boat to Aegina island, Visit to Temple of Aphaia
  • 7 June - Final Ritual & Departures

INCLUDED in the Price:

  • Accommodation from 1-6 June
  • Breakfasts for days 2-7 June
  • Ferry tickets from Mykonos island to Delos, to Athens, and Athens to Aegina
  • Private shuttle bus to mainland Temple visits
  • All Temple entrances
  • Sunday Special Full Moon ceremony
  • All the vocal activations guidance
  • Unique activation by Isha
  • Visits to Sacred Water Springs
  • Flower offerings
  • Blue Lotus tea
  • Ceremonial incense
  • Golden greek olive leaves tiara

NOT-INCLUDED in the Price:

  • Flights to/from Greece
  • Lunches, dinners
  • Any medical insurance
  • Any gifts/memorabilia

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Share your magic with us (2 sponsorships) €1111

Select this tier if you feel the goosebumps when reading the description of this retreat, you cannot fully afford the regular price, and you have something complimentary to contribute to the group (assist with video/photo capturing, promote to your community and get at least one registration with your reference, etc). Only for a selected 2 spots upon discussion + confirmation from the organiser.


Earlybird Goddess by Full Moon May 6 €1333

Regular Goddess Last-call €1555

Select this tier if you feel the calling to explore Ancient Greek cosmology with us by a multi-day Temple Pilgrimage in Greece. Visit 11 Temples dedicated to the Greek Gods - Goddesses plus the Temple of Isis in Delos.

Includes your Accommodation from 1-6 June, Breakfasts for days 2-7 June, Ferry tickets from Mykonos island to Delos, to Athens, and Athens to Aegina, Private shuttle bus to mainland Temple visits, All Temple entrances, Sunday Special Full Moon ceremony, All the vocal activations guidance, Unique activation by Isha, Visits to Sacred Water Springs, Flower offerings, Blue Lotus tea, Ceremonial incense


Abundant Goddess (full of extras for a once-in-a-lifetime experience) €1888

Select this tier if you’re feeling more abundant to offer your extra dedication to the Oracle/Temple Arts. You are helping us sustain the vision, you are sponsoring a couple of other sisters who don’t live in so much abundance yet, and you are benefiting from a few extra perks we have prepared for you.

Includes all the Tier #2 PLUS 12-chakra vocal activation frequency attunement, mayan calendar sign reading, Akashic record/Soul reading, private Sophia Light drum/voice session, 1 massage session in Athens, Orphic Hymns book

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Submitted: 24.09.2022
Course: Rising Voice
Vocal Training

Review by Claire B.

"I lovedthe Rising Voice workshop! Marlia created such a relaxed and cosy and safespace, I felt really free and encouraged to play with my voice and trust that Iwould be heard and supported. Marlia sharesher deep knowledge on the voice and music with real beauty and humbleness, Ifeel super inspired by her careful and calm approach to sharing in this space! I came awayfrom this workshop feeling re-connected to my voice, music and sound in generalas a source of wisdom and healing. I feel this workshop has kick-started somemuch needed healing in my throat that will ripple through time and space. Thankyou, thank you!"

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Submitted: 14.11.2022
Course: Rising Voice
21 Day Vocal Training

Review by Sundari Marci Lock

"I am so grateful that I discovered Marlia and the gifts she shared through activating the voice. I had such an amazing, activating experience with Marlia at her vocal activation practice.  She is so gifted & creates a safe, sacred field to journey into vocal expression, freedom & play. She brings in awareness & context to the tools to really assist the breath, opening of the voice & a full permission to step into the vocal expression available. She opened up a whole new realm of awareness for me to play with my ranges & bring play & sacred frequency in ways to use the voice I wasn’t aware of before. I have participated in several of her group programs & experiences & I keep coming back for more. Thank you Marlia for bringing in your wisdom, journey & experience. It is such a gift."

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Submitted: 04.01.2023
Course: 12 Chakra
Voice Activation Course

Review by Aiko Hommaru

"When I first met with Marlia and sat beside her, I felt beautiful energy like sacred goddess illuminated from her and it was so comfortable to be with her. When the session started for one participant in the circle, the space was immediately transformed into different space and time; it was as if I drop into a fairy tail story book which was made only for that person. Why? The inner purest voice of that person spoke out, transcended through the air and transmitted into my body, immediately we were in the forest and the wind started to rise, birds and leaves started to sing….

Great cosmic mother whispered to us and we freely danced and offered comfort, blessings and sang with a joy, the joy for being participated into that beautiful story as one element. The base music was always flow at the bottom of deep river in that story and Marlia’s sound was sometimes beyond my imagination, it was like she sometimes her presence transformed into animals or nature element such as bubble, and that invoked rest of us to be free like that.

Fierce, gentleness, sadness, joy, grief, delight, frustrate, coincidence, all kind of emotions or element of energy are allowed to wove there. The story was evolving with beautiful vibrations, sound, smell, colour, vision, physical sensation, sensation of oneness—and that was made for that beautiful person. We were journeying together with honouring and blessing for that person. The story evolved moment by moment. I was crying most of the time with the joy to experience this enormous grace and felt so honoured that I could be a part of creation.It was completely an experience beyond the mind, but dropping into a soul cosmos where time and space transcended.

Marlia, thank you so much for opening up new point of view… I am so amazed at your work, amazed at how a human can illuminate and vibrate so fantastically. I am quite lucky to meet you. Thank you so much for leading us, opening up and activating our power of sacred voice!"

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