“The Lord whose oracle is at Delphi neither reveals nor conceals, but gives a sign.”
~ Heraclitus

Meditation Transmissions • Vocal Activation • Earth Gridding • Sacred Rituals • WaterPurification • Drum Healing • Sacred prayers

Bountiful Goddess is a 6-day Temple Pilgrimage retreat with vocal activation sessions, priestess rituals and meditation transmissions at Ancient Greek Temples of Delos island, Acropolis, Delphi, Sounio & Aegina island.

  • Discover your Archetypal Mission in Ancient Greece
  • Temple Pilgrimage on the islands & mainland
  • Immerse yourself in globally renowned Archaeological Sites
  • Vocal Activation at Temple of Isis and more
  • Triangular connection of Temples - Map Sacred Geometry explanation
  • Female Leadership in Modern Oracle Women
  • Spring water purification
  • Esoteric Mysticism in Ancient Greece

Cultures have long heard wisdom in non-human voices: Apollo, god of music, medicine and knowledge, came to Delphi in the form of a dolphin. But dolphins, which fill the oceans with blipping and chirping, and whales, which mew and caw in ultramarine jazz - a true rhapsody in blue - are hunted to the edge of silence.” ~ Jay Griffiths



  • Accommodation from 1-5 July
  • Breakfasts for days 2-5 July
  • Ferry tickets from Mykonos island to Delos, to Athens, and Athens to Aegina
  • Private mini bus to mainland Temple visits
  • All Temple entrances
  • Special New Moon ceremony in Mykonos
  • All the vocal activations guidance
  • Unique ritual and high-priestess activation session by Isha
  • Visits to Sacred Water Springs
  • Flower offerings
  • Blue Lotus tea
  • Ceremonial incense
  • Golden greek olive leaves tiara
  • Flights to/from Greece
  • Lunches, dinners
  • Any medical insurance
  • Any gifts/memorabilia30% deposit to secure your spot. Completion of full amount transfer by June 15th 2023.
  • Arrive in Athens by 3pm: We meet at our Athens city centre accommodation, where we gather, meet & greet, and walk to the footsteps of the most ancient still-standing archaeological site of our times, the Great Parthenon, or Acropolis, to have our sharing intentions circle. We will visit the Acropolis site this afternoon and have dinner on its footsteps.
  • On the 2nd day, we will take a private mini-bus to the Sacred Site of Delphi Oracle, Museum & Temple. All day trip, return to Athens for sleep.
  • On the 3rd day, we jump into a small boat to the island of Aegina, stay the night in Aegina, enjoy a powerful transmission by local guest facilitator, and swim in the incredible sea.
  • On the 4th day we have an amazing buffet breakfast and depart with the boat to Piraeus harbour, from where we drive less than an hour to get to a nearby beach/have lunch, and visit the Sounio Temples later in the afternoon for an extravaganza sunset. We stay the night in Anavyssos.
  • On the 5th day early in the morning we drive to Rafina harbour and take the big ferry boat to Mykonos, and check in our incredible accommodation in front of the beach. We rest and swim, until 5pm we take the small ferry boat to Delos (40 mins) where we will visit many of the most ancient Greek temples and have the opportunity to sit & meditate inside the Temples with specific transmissions. We will return to our Mykonos hotel for the night.
  • On the 6th day we prepare for the closing ceremony circle and goodbyes. Anytime after 12pm, you are free to depart.

Why Choose Me And This Retreat:

  • I am a daughter of Aphrodite from my father's roots.
    Born in Paphos Cyprus, close to the pebble-covered bay where Goddess Aphrodite allegedly rose from the sea, her Sanctuary, her Temple, and Holy Spring.
  • I am of Greek descent from my mother's lineage.
    Previously visited all 11 Sacred Sites we are visiting during our Sacred Pilgrimage throughout my life; the latest visit last summer 2022 where we held private ceremonies in song & sister prayer.
  • I hold the New Earth Healer and Light Priestess codes through my spiritual awakening under Anjuna Saran's guidance in Priestess Trainings
  • I belong to the Christ Rose Lineage through my personal downloads & transmissions of Beloved Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Isis, Sophia Christ Consciousness, Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess Athena, Warrior Sekhmet, Moon Bastet found in my online course Rising Voice: a 21-day vocal training for beginners.
  • I have been initiated in Anjuna's Mysteries School of Miracles https://www.soullightbeing.com/

    Jennifer Ashira Ra's Light Priestess Temple

    Leyolah Antara's Tantric Arts

    Margot Anand's Love & Ecstasy SkyDancing trainings

    Isha Ιchashaktiananda's foundational Bhakti & Starseed Priestess guidance IG @school.of.evolution, and Sharada Devi's Priestess Trainings
  • With our community here in Bali, we have been offering prayerformances of Divine Shakti Feminine Flow the past 3 years we've lived here, dedicated to various Goddesses, Archetypes, and Ascended Masters


Shared in 2/5-bed room basis (Choose Tier#2 if you need a single-bed room option)

Early-bird Goddess until May 2nd $1434
Regular Goddess Last-call $1656

Select this tier if you feel the calling to explore Ancient Greek cosmology with us by a multi-day Temple Pilgrimage in Greece. Visit 11 Temples dedicated to the Greek Gods - Goddesses plus the Temple of Isis in Delos.

Includes your Accommodation from 1-5 July, Breakfasts for days 2-5 July, Ferry tickets from Mykonos island to Delos, to Athens, and Athens to Aegina, Private shuttle bus to mainland Temple visits, All Temple entrances, Special New Moon ceremony, All the vocal activations guidance, Unique activation by Isha, Visits to Sacred Water Springs, Flower offerings, Blue Lotus tea, Ceremonial incense, Golden Greek tiaras

Abundant Goddess (full of extras for a once-in-a-lifetime experience) $1989

Select this tier if you’re feeling more abundant to offer your extra dedication to the Oracle/Temple Arts. You are helping us sustain the vision, you are sponsoring a couple of other sisters who don’t live in so much abundance yet, and you are benefiting from a few extra perks we have prepared for you.

Includes all the Tier #2 PLUS 12-chakra vocal activation frequency attunement, Mayan Calendar sign reading, Akashic record/Soul reading, private Sophia Light drum/voice session, 1massage session in Athens, Orphic Hymns book