SHAKTI is the energy of the Universe

The Goddess Retreat is a 7-day women’s deep journey into her Shakti activation, merging of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within herself, expanding shades of her femininity – through high frequency rituals, vocal activation circles, blessings in pristine waterfalls, rivers, and divine nature.

Guided by channelled musical immersions, initiations, ceremonies, vocal activations, deep soul work, crystal rituals and sisterhood bonding, by Isha Ιchashaktiananda and Marlia Coeur, at Samothraki island, the island of Gods & Goddesses in Northern Greece

Imagine being held on the Island of Gods in Greece, to feel the power of your full potential and getting to experience:
❤️ Love & Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine
🎙 Integration Circles with Vocal Activation
🔥 Initiation in MAHAVIDYAS the 10 dimensions of Goddess
🥁 Live musical Immersions & Channelings
🌹 Rituals of high meditation for karma cleaning
🦋 Blue Lotus ceremonies🕯 Shamanic cleaning of the energy bodies
💠 Attracting your twin flame
💙 Blessings in Rivers & Temples
🌺 Breathwork
💎 Regenerative yoga
🌸 Expand the shades of your femininity
👉 Sacred Solo Time
✴️ Real soul tribe
🍇 Nourishing catered meals (not included in this price)
🏯 6 nights accommodations on Samothraki island (not included, various options)

🦋 NOT INCLUDED: your flights, airport/harbour transfers, accommodation, meals

This is… Marlia

💠 I am a daughter of Aphrodite from my father's roots.
Born in Paphos Cyprus, close to the pebble-covered bay where Goddess Aphrodite allegedly rose from the sea, her Sanctuary, her Temple, and Holy Spring.
💠 I am of Greek descent from my mother's lineage.
Previously visited all 11 Sacred Sites we are visiting during our Sacred Pilgrimage throughout my life; the latest visit last summer 2022 where we held private ceremonies in song & sister prayer.
💠 I hold the New Earth Healer and Light Priestess codes through my spiritual awakening under Anjuna Saran's guidance in Priestess Trainings
💠 I belong to the Christ Rose Lineage through my personal downloads & transmissions of Beloved Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Isis, Sophia Christ Consciousness, Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess Athena, Warrior Sekhmet, Moon Bastet found in my online course Rising Voice: a 21-day vocal training for beginners.
💠 I have been initiated in
Anjuna's Mysteries School of Miracles
Jennifer Ashira Ra's Light Priestess Temple
Leyolah Antara's Tantric Arts
Margot Anand's Love & Ecstasy Sky Dancing trainings
Isha Ιchashaktiananda's foundational Bhakti & Starseed Priestess guidance IG @school.of.evolution, and Sharada Devi's Priestess Trainings
💠 With our conscious community in Bali, we have been offering prayerformances of Divine Shakti Feminine Flow the past 3 years we've lived here, dedicated to various Goddesses, Archetypes, and Ascended Masters

This is… Isha

💠 The spiritual name she carries as a result of a lifetime dedication to spirituality is Ichashaktiananda, which means “The Energy of the Will of God”.
💠 She has been a High Priestess of Aphaia’s Ancient Greek Temple on Aegina Island in Greece, and she walks the path of beauty and high spirituality.
💠 She receives high and rare Initiations from great Mystics, and through years of continuous practice, manages to experience the highest spiritual attainments of consciousness.
💠 After 20 years of high practice she has a unique capacity of high and powerful spiritual transmissions.
💠 Initiated in early age in Swami Vivekananda Tantric School, follows and honours the Shakti Initiations of activating the Divine Femininity and archetypes of feminine energy.
💠 Spiritual Counsel and Healer, Shaman and Tantric alchemist, she teaches some of the most rare and powerful spiritual practices and methods for over 20 years in Greece including- Raja Yoga-Tibetan Tantra- Kalachakra -Powa the Tibetan transfer of consciousness- Shamanic Tradition- Connection with high hierarchies of angels-Kundalini yoga - Maha Vidyas Tantric tradition, the initiation in the 10 expressions of the Goddess-Initiations for connecting with our higher eternal self-Atman and techniques for releasing the limiting negative karma.
💠 As a therapist, she offers the Divine Grace Therapy; a unique method of rising the vibration of the aura to the divine level and cleansing any residual pain or disharmony, and also the Shamanic Therapy.
💠 She founded “The School of Evolution & Therapy“ in Athens, Greece, which functions for over 25 years and she is a founder member of the Hellenic Yoga Association.