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Marlia Coeur is a sound oracle, a vocal activator, and a facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. As a music academy coordinator, devotional singer, and multi-instrumentalist, she helps people who are disconnected from their voice learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing and vocal encouragement, so they can fully connect to their hearts.

She has journeyed around the world on back-to-back music tours, offering live performances, improvisation experiences, high-energy workshops and immersive retreats. With a growing festival presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of "ceremonial/medicine music" and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.

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Marlia has released several beautiful songs and music videos on her YouTube channel in the past several years of her music career. Please feel free to experience more of her magical voice and delightful videos regarding the world of vocal magic and sound manifestation on her YouTube channel.


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Having diverse experience spanning several years in music and singing, I am in a position to offer you a smooth first step into the world of vocal sound manifestion as a coach and a friend. I look forward to helping you on this journey from the basic first baby steps to becoming a fully evolved vocal artist.

I look forward to seeing you in one of my course programs.

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Submitted: 24.09.2022
Course: Rising Voice
Vocal Training

Review by Claire B.

"I lovedthe Rising Voice workshop! Marlia created such a relaxed and cosy and safespace, I felt really free and encouraged to play with my voice and trust that Iwould be heard and supported. Marlia sharesher deep knowledge on the voice and music with real beauty and humbleness, Ifeel super inspired by her careful and calm approach to sharing in this space! I came awayfrom this workshop feeling re-connected to my voice, music and sound in generalas a source of wisdom and healing. I feel this workshop has kick-started somemuch needed healing in my throat that will ripple through time and space. Thankyou, thank you!"

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"I felt a deep call to have a 1:1 vocal activation with Marlia after hearing her emotive sound healing during a yin class I was teaching.I have a history of singing lessons from my youth but I’ve never experienced something quite like I did with Marlia. Firstly, I felt so safe and was eased into the session with conversation and meditation. Then there was a clear entry point of vowels and notes.

Once I was warmed up we went on a journey, from call and response, to differing instruments and then into a freestyle.I felt more than activated! I could see my whole history of sound and voice in front of me, it was like a sacred plant ceremony. Tears streamed down my face and yet I felt such deep inner joy and beauty.  Both Mystical and Professional, I would recommend anything that Marlia put her heart into, she’s the real deal!
Book in, You won’t regret it!"

Reviewed by: Persia Juliet

"Marlia never ceases to astound and astonish me. She makes music out of the present moment, and because each moment is always new and fresh, so is her music. It is both a treat and medicine at the same time, the kind of medicine that is not bitter, but on the contrary, delicious to both the ear and the soul. Her music takes you on journeys to places within your soul that you didn't even know exist, unveiling landscapes and stirring notes previously unknown to you. And that is the most important thing that a musician can do: it's not the music they play, it's the inner music that their music has catalyzed your soul to create."

Reviewed by: Emily

"Thank you Marlia. Your course shifted lots in me and it was so inspiring to see that you're creating straight from your heart! Also I realised how little in my life I use my true voice!"

Reviewed by: Jade K.

"Working with Marlia has been such a playful, fluid, creative unfolding into a deeper connection with my own authentic voice while feeling deeply held and supported by her ever encouraging and joyful spirit. When I first embarked on this vocal journey with Marlia I had very little idea about anything musical and felt very insecure about my own limited vocal expression. Now after 1,5 years of working together on and off I feel so much more free and open in my vocal expression, having built a foundational map of the vocal territory and cultivated a much more playful and loving attitude towards my voice and myself. What I really love about her work is how she weaves the more technical knowledge and exercises with the sacred alchemy of the soul in relation to the inner temple."

Reviewed by: Emilie L. M.

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